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FolderScavenger runs on following platforms:

Win95, Win98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2K, Win XP

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So here we go with BETA!

FolderScavenger is a Windows Explorer shell extension, which helps you:

  • Print folder listings
  • Copy folder listings to the Clipboard and make them available to any other application
  • Paste folder listings to Excel, Word, and process them as you will
  • Catalog your music files in a directory
  • Collect the file names of photographs and images from your digital camera
  • Save folder listings as a file for further processing

For your convenience, FolderScavenger seamlessly integrates into the windows explorer shell, so you can activate it by right clicking on the folder, and selecting FolderScavenger operation. While making most used operations quickly and easily accessible, you can control FolderScavenger so that you get the exact results that you need:

  • Filter listings by file name,
  • Get contents of subfolders,
  • Choose format style (tab separated, csv, and several others)
  • Create MySql files from directory listings
  • Select format for file timestamps, paths, and all other file aspects,

So do not wait, go ahead and download FolderScavenger now!

If you are still uncertain, see what the oldest software review site SharewareJunkies says about FolderScavenger in their review.

FolderScavenger comes in two editions: Free Edition and Professional Edition. The Free Edition offers basic functionality and can be used free of charge for personal purposes. If you use FolderScavenger for business, government, or professional purposes you should use the Professional Edition. Additionally to all features of the Free Edition, the Professional Edition lets you:

  • Invoke programs of your choice on all files in a folder.
  • Get Song Title, Album and Artist information from mp3 files.
  • Save your frequently used configurations so you can easily reuse them at a later time.
  • Quickly print folder listings from the context menu just by choosing a printer.
  • Operate FolderScavenger in "No Questions Asked" manner, by just invoking FolderScavenger from the context menu with the default configuration that you have saved.
  • Use powerful template based style to generate any kind of text as formated files like for instance html or xml.

The Professional Edition is only $14.90, and you can purchase it through Swreg - the oldest software store in the world.

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